In 1892, the Oklahoma City School Board rented a one-room store front building at 319 Northwest Calfornia Street to use as a school. This location is now in the midst of the Myriad Gardens. It was in this setting that Mary D. Couth conducted the first classes of Oklahoma High School. She was twenty-two years old, and had been married just one year. She was capable and her teaching skills were very much appreciated.

In 1893 the High School was moved east of town to the Military Reservation at Northeast 4th and Walnut Streets, where abandoned military quarters that were used by the commandant were used as a classroom. Mrs. Selwyn Douglas served as the principal and Miss Alice Baitman became her vice principal. Those were primitive days and youngsters usually walked to school, although on occasions a pony or a bicycle was used.

After a fire on the military reservation in 1894, the third year of the High School was spent in a Methodist Church where space for classes were rented for the school's use until the new Irving Building could be built. This church was located at 119 Northwest 3rd Street. It eventually became Saint Luke's Methodist Church.

By 1895 the Irving Building at Fourth and Walnut Streets was ready to be occupied. This was at approximately the same site as had been the commandant's quarters. The land of the Federal Military Reservation was eventually given to the city for school use, and the remainder of the land was otherwise sub-divided and sold as homesites. Although this structure was used until 1910.